Freestanding Workstation Cranes


Product profile

The light load self-supporting crane is a kind of lifting system, which has simple structure and can adapt to various installation environment. Besides, the support frame, beam and longitudinal beam are used to hang the crane.

Light-duty crane system with steel profiles has changed the understanding of cranes in the traditional industrial field, making cranes more lightweight in design, more convenient in assembly, more ergonomic in use. Improved working efficiency, provide the enterprise with more cost-effective choice.

Freestanding workstation cranes  flexible modular suspension hoisting system includes D monorail, LD single beam, and LS double girder crane. The lifting weight is 0.5-2T. It mainly used in modern production transportation lines.



  • Reduce the cost of the plant: the equipment does not need to use the plant column, which can reduce the construction cost of the plant.
  • No foundation: for existing workshops, if the floor thickness is greater than 150mm, the installation of chemical bolts can be used directly.
  • High efficiency: accurate design can be carried out according to the moving space that needs to be covered.
  • Modular design: it can be added and reduced according to the changing production needs, and the removal and removal is easy and fast, which does not affect the normal use of cranes in other regions.
  • Accurate positioning: small structure, convenient operation and accurate positioning.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: low power, low energy consumption, which can reduce electricity and steel cost.
  • High comprehensive benefit: maintenance of rail system, convenient maintenance of electrical components and low cost, which can reduce the time and labor cost when occurs equipment failure.
  • Easy to install: because of the modular design, all parts are bolted and installed and maintained conveniently.

design advantages

  • High track strength: high strength steel track, cold rolling, light weight and heavy load.
  • Semi-closed Ω type design:It can effectively avoid dust, reduce the wheel wear and prolong service life.
  • Cone shaped design: ensure that the trolley is in the center of the track and reduce the sliding resistance.
  • Low cost: it reduces the use of steel structure and greatly reduces the cost.

Parts Details

chain hoist:Hoist double speed low noise smooth operationand it can be matched with demag chain hoist or buy your own
Chain Hoist Double speed hoist with low noise and smooth operation. And it can be matched with demag chain hoist
Column:The bottom flange of the rectangular tube is fixed on the ground with chemical bolts and the installation is convenient
Column The bottom flange of the rectangular tube is fixed on the ground with chemical bolts, so the installation is convenient
KBK track:Cold rolled steel plate high strength and toughness light weight
KBK track Cold rolled steel plate with high strength, toughness and light weight
Motor:Small volume small noise stable operation can be controlled by frequency conversion
Motor Small volume, small noise, stable operation, which can be controlled by frequency conversion
Trolly:Running inside KBK beam the noise is small and running smooth
Trolly Running inside KBK beam, the noise is small and the running is smoothly
You can choose a built in slider.
Slider You can choose a built-in slider
Beam:Hot rolled steel itself is high strength not easy to deform easy to install
Beam Hot rolled steel has high strength, not easy to deform, easy to install characteristics


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