Wall Travelling Jib Cranes

Load capacity: 0.25~5T

Arm Length: 2~6m

Crane travelling speed: 0-20m/min

Car speed: 0-20m/min

Lifting speed: 0.8-8m/min



The BXX wall Jib crane is suitable for the use of one sided working area in the workshop. The track of the crane fixed on the factory building pillars or the single pillar. And there are no obstacles on the work surface. It can also install in the upper and lower double lifting equipment workshop. The lifting of the lower level of small tonnage products cross use with upper large tonnage crane. So there is non-interference. BXX wall Jib crane is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, automobile, shipbuilding, glass, paper, chemical and other industries.


Product profile

BXX wall Jib crane is an extension product of the wall type pillar Jib crane. The lifting capacity is 250kg-5000kg. The BXX wall jib crane composed of main girder, end beam, drive device, chain hoist or electric hoist. The speed of crane and trolley is 20m/min, variable controller and frequency control of motor speed. Handle or remote control can be chose. This device is easy to install and maintain, with flexible operation.


Parts Details

chain hoist:Hoist double speed low noise smooth operation
chain hoist Double speed hoist, low noise, smooth operation
control:The remote control is meters away and it has an emergency stop switch
control The remote control is 200 meters away. And it has an emergency stop switch
Motor: Variable frequency motor hard tooth surface reducer smooth operation small friction
Motor Variable frequency motor, hard tooth surface reducer, smooth operation, small friction
Wire rope electric hoist:low price low maintenance cost
Wire rope electric hoist low price, low maintenance cost

Electric Chain Hoist,Hoist,Jib Crane,Wall Jib Crane

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