Trackless Transfer Cart

Load capacity: 2-100 tons

Operating speed: 0-20m/min

Turn: turn in the original place

Control mode: handle and remote control



Trackless transfer cart is an accumulator powered product. It use polyurethane wheels which can walk on the hardened ground of the handling equipment. The accumulator can run for 8 hours on a single charge. The transfer carts can be in situ rotate 360°. This equipment does not have to lay track. It has the advantages of simple operation, high transport efficiency, flexible steering and walking. With the development of transportation industry, trackless transfer cart will be widely used in the occasion of material handling.



  • Operating on hardened ground without obstacles.
  • Intelligent charging, automatic alarm after charging
  • Sound and light alarm lights, turn signals, power indicator.
  • Stop automatically when pedestrian or obstacle is detected.
  • The structural parts are made of Q235B rolled steel plate, 1.5 times load design and 1.25 times load test.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • With conventional electrical protection: over current, over voltage, under voltage, short circuit, overheating, grounding, leakage and other protective devices.
  • Automatic tracking, automatic parking.


total weight(t)
max. wheel load(t)
ground requirementcement floorsteel plate ground
table size(mm)3000×20003600×20004000×22004500×22005000×22005500×23006000×2300
height of the whole cart(mm)450530600600650700700
wheels base(mm)150017001800
axles distance(mm)2500310034003900430048005200
turning radius(mm)2501310134013901430148015201
wheel materialZG55+hydropurture
running speed(m/min)0-200-12

Parts Details

Abrasion resistant polyurethane wheel
Abrasion resistant polyurethane wheel
Emergency stop switch
Emergency stop switch
Rocker remote control
Rocker remote control
Sound and light alarm
Sound and light alarm
The electrical box
The electrical box

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