Electric Chain Hoists

Lifting capacity: 0.25-3.5T

Lifting speed: 0.7~7.1m/min

Lifting height: 3~30m

Traveling speed: 10/20m/min



Electric Chain hoist is a kind of light and small lifting equipment, which consists of motor, drive mechanism and sprocket. The chain electric hoist is produced in accordance with international standards. The body is beautiful in shape with strong and durable characteristics. Internal gears are all quenched at high temperatures, increasing the wear resistance and toughness of gears. Adopt international advanced technology, fine workmanship, tight fit between gears. Advanced structure and performance, small size, light weight, reliable performance, easy operation. The electric chain hoist can be controlled by the operator with pendant button on the ground or by wireless remote control.



Electric chain hoist using range is very widely, can match with single beam, bridge crane, gantry crane, hanging on the crane can be used with single beam I iron. It can also be used with double beam trolleys. Therefore, electric hoist is one of the commonly used lifting equipment in factories, like mines, ports, warehouses, freight yards and stores, as well as the necessary machinery for improving labor efficiency and working conditions.



  • Lifting chain: low carbon alloy chain, surface hardening treatment.
  • Hook: after hot forging forming, with high strength and toughness, which is not easy to break. The hook can be 360 ° rotating and assemble with security card.
  • Shell: aluminum alloy, strong and lightweight, with special radiator.
  • Support frame: made of two pieces of steel, very strong.
  • Safe voltage: the control voltage is 24V/36V. Even a leakage of electricity, it can guarantee personal safety.
  • Protection device: pressure loss, phase fault, phase loss protection.
  • Limit protection: Up and down has limited protection, automatically stopping, and keeping it safe.
  • Electromagnetic brake: It can brake while the power is cut off.
  • Emergency stop: the pendant has an emergency stop button.

Parts Details

Appearance International standard production compact structure and beautiful appearance
Hoist According to international standard production with compact structure and beautiful appearance
Chain:High quality manganese steel strong welding point wear resistant and corrosion resistant
Chain High quality manganese steel, strong welding point, wear - resistant and corrosion - resistant
Gears:The surface heat treatment has high hardness wear resistance and low noise.
Gears The surface heat treatment has high hardness, wear resistance and low noise.
Handle:High insulation performance and protection level IP with emergency stop button
Handle High insulation performance and protection level IP65, with emergency stop button

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