Self-propelled Scissor Lifts

Rated capacity:230-450kg

Lifting height:3-12m

Power: battery



GTJZ self-propelled type aerial work scissor lift has nice feature of automatic work. It can work in a fast or low speed in different working conditions, and no need to get down from platform, the workers can control it lifting, advancing, retreating and steering freely. Compared with the traditional hydraulic platform, its work efficient is much more increased, and also it can reduce number of works and labour intensity. It can move flexibly and conveniently so it can be widely used in a large range of high-altitude continuous operations such as airport terminals, stations, terminals, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, factories, mines, etc.



Especially applied in the factory, workshop, warehouse, grain depots, stations, hotels, airports, docks, gas stations, stadiums, electric power, elevated pipelines, etc. It is also used for maintaining of lifting equipment and outdoors electric facilities as well as steel structure workshop. The mobile lifting platform can help you handle high altitude works better.



High Performance & More Secure

  • Proportional Control System
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Automatic Braking System
  • Stroboflash Light
  • Buzzer Warning
  • Tube Explosion-Proof System
  • Extended Platform
  • Safety Maintenance Support Rod
  • Automatic Pothole Protection System
  • Seamless Tire
  • Emergency Descent System
  • Fault Diagnosis System
  • Horn
  • Standard Transport Forklift Hole
  • Power Charging Protection System
  • Tilt Protection System
  • Platform Self-Locking Door
  • Folding Fence


High Capacity & Full of Power

Up and down 80 cycles after full- recharged, easy to work for 8 hours

Self-propelled type aerial work scissor lift has a strong climbing ability, the maximum climbing ability can reach 25%



Model Max.height(m) Load(kg) Platform size(m) Overall dimension(m) Power(kw) Self weight(kg)
GTJZ06HD 6 450 2.27×1.12 2.48×1.15×1.75 3.3 2050
GTJZ08HD 8 450 2.27×1.12 2.48×1.15×1.78 3.3 2256
GTJZ10HD 10 320 2.27×1.12 2.48×1.15×1.91 3.3 2508
GTJZ12HD 12 320 2.27×1.12 2.48×1.15×2.05 4.5 2850

Parts Details

Solid trackless tires
Solid Trackless Tires
emergency stop button
Emergency Stop Button
High quality durable motor
High Quality & Durable Motor
 climbing test
25% Climbing Test
Imported hydraulic motor drive
Imported Hydraulic Motor Drive
Rocker infinitely variable
Rocker Infinitely Variable Speed Control, American Brand Torjan Battery

Hoist,Scissor Lift

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