Double Girder Suspension Cranes


Products profile

Double girder suspension is a combination of the using of standard direct track and other auxiliary standard components. It is usually matched with chain hoist. The special drive unit drive the trolley along the main beam.



Modular design, light structure, low cost, sufficient space and convenient operation. It is widely used in machining industry, workshop, warehouse etc.


Products advantages

  • The track crane is hanging on the top of the workshop. Without the need of pillar, so the space can be used fully.
  • Improve the plant space utilization and save the workshop cost.
  • Light structure, which is easy to install and maintain.
  • Low power and low energy consumption.
  • Light weight can reduce cost and easily to operate.
  • According to the different production needs, the module design can be added or reduced.

Convenient handling

  • The operation of crane and small cart can be operated manually or electrically, smoothly running with low noise.
  • Easily to move by hand.
  • The chain hoist is light and easy to start.
  • Good stability and high reliability.

The bearing capacity of the main girder increased by the double-track parallel composite beam. Therefore, it can be applied to large span and heavy lifting works.



Lifting capacity
L LK H h
500kg 8000 7500 850 740
1000kg 6000 5500 950 830
2000kg 4000 3500 1080 960

We can design according to your special requirements.


Parts Details

chain hoist:Hoist double speed low noise smooth operationand it can be matched with demag chain hoist
Chain Hoist Double speed hoist with low noise and smooth operation. And it can be matched with demag chain hoist
Handle protection grade IP with emergency stop button also optional remote control.
Control Handle protection grade IP56, with emergency stop button, also optional remote control.
KBK track:Cold rolled steel plate high strength and toughness light weight
KBK track Cold rolled steel plate with high strength, toughness and light weight
Motor:Small volume small noise stable operation can be controlled by frequency conversion
Motor The crane own, small nolse, small noise, stable operation characteristics, which can be controlled by frequency conversion
Track suspension:The height and width are adjustable and the surface is galvanized
Track suspension The height and width are adjustable and the surface is galvanized
Trolly:Running inside KBK beam the noise is small and running smooth
Trolly Running inside KBK beam, the noise is small and the running is smoothly

Electric Chain Hoist,Hoist,hot

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