Wall Mounted Jib Cranes

Load capacity: 0.25~5T

Arm Length: 2~6m

Rotation angle: 180°~270°

Working class: A3(FEM 1m)

Voltage: 220~460V  50/60HZ   3PH


Product profile

The biggest advantage of BXD wall jib crane is that it can install directly on the wall,pillar or on the equipment. It does not occupy any ground space, and does not require the foundation and other civil work. The most important feature of this equipment is that the original pillar is omitted. The wall jib crane usually used with chain hoist, wire rope hoist, hand pull hoist. The flange fixed directly on the wall or pillar, and the hoist operated back and forth on the arms. Rotating mode can select by electric or manual. In the mode of operation, the user can choose flashlight door operation or remote control.



BXD type pillar jib crane has the advantages of simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance, and does not occupy space. This type of crane widely applied in the lifting occasion, like upper and lower materials and processes for workshop machine tools and production lines and so on. If your factory has a wall can use, and lift working radius near the wall or pillar, the choice of this model is the most economical choice.



  • The structure is simple and the cost is low. Besides, the crane occupy no ground space, so the user can use space in workshop reasonable.
  • Easy installation, no need for foundation track and other facilities.
  • Rotation can be manual or electric operated. The lifting mechanism with flexible matching like chain hoist, wire rope hoist, manual hoist.
  • According to the use of different occasion,the customers can choose high-grade protection, acid-resistant or explosion-proof design.

Security facilities

  • Under-voltage fault phase and phase-deficiency protection.
  • Overload limiter.
  • The lifting mechanism running on the left and right limit, lifting height limit.
  • The emergency stop button.


Load capacity 0.25 0.5 1 2 3 5
Rotation speed 0.8r/min 0.9
Arm length L 5370 5380 5500 5600 5700
working radius R2(mm) 5000
Maximum working radiuR1(mm) 300 350 400 500 600 650
Mounting height H 1435 1450 1550
Voltage 220V~480V  50/60HZ  3PH

The BXD pillared jib crane eliminates the pillars of the BZ jib crane, and the arm can be designed as a light, folded type.

Our company has rich design experience in this area. So please tell us about your use needs and operational requirements. And we will provide you with the most reasonable solution.


Parts Details

chain hoist:Hoist double speed low noise smooth operation
chain hoist Double speed hoist, low noise, smooth operation
control:The remote control is meters away and it has an emergency stop switch
control The remote control is 200 meters away. And it has an emergency stop switch
The arms:It is made of hot rolled steel light weight and beautiful appearance.
The arms It is made of hot rolled steel with light weight and beautiful appearance.
Wire rope electric hoist:low price low maintenance cost
Wire rope electric hoist low price, low maintenance cost

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