Aluminium Aerial Work Platforms

Rated capacity:100/200kg

Working height: 5-16m

Voltage: single phase alternating current or battery

Walking ways: human pulling


Brief introduction

Aluminium aerial lift platform is a new design product. The whole part is made of high strength aluminum material, with high strength profile to reduce the lift platform's deflection and swing. Aluminium aerial lift platform adopt telescopic column structure, which have advantages of good stability, flexible operation and easy implementation. Its appearance is so lightsome that it can reach its highest lifting capacity in minimal space. The rated lifting capacity of a single mast is 100kg and its lifting height is 6~10m. The rated lifting capacity of a double mast is 200kg and its lifting height is 8~18m.



It is suitable for the installation, maintenance and cleaning of high-altitude equipment in large buildings such as factories, hotels, airports, stations and stadiums. It can effectively protect the tile, the marble, the wood floor and so on. The mast type aerial work platform can guarantee operation safety, improve the work efficiency, make the work safe, convenient and fast.



  • The whole machine is light in weight. The flexible universal wheel has good mobility, which is suitable for single operation.
  • The lifting mechanism is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles.
  • Equipped with horizontal indicator.
  • The compressive resistance of high pressure steel wire tubing is much stronger than the maximum pressure of the hydraulic system.
  • Double-chain transmission is safer and stable.
  • The structure is compact, and the transport size is small. It can enter the general elevator, also can pass through door and narrow channel smoothly.


Model Rated capacity Lifting height Overall dimension Total weight Voltage
SHJ1-6 100kg 6m 1100*830*1900 220kg single phase alternating
current or battery
SHJ1-8 8m 1100*830*1900 260kg
SHJ1-10 10m 1200*950*2100 360kg
SHJ2-8 200kg 8m 1500*900*1900 430kg
SHJ2-10 10m 1500*900*2100 560kg
SHJ2-12 12m 1500*900*2350 580kg
SHJ2-14 14m 1600*1000*2600 620kg
SHJ2-16 16m 1800*1000*3000 820kg

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