Electric Transfer Cart

Load capacity: 3-500 tons

Power supply: three-phase ac/accumulator/traction type

Operating speed: 20-30m/min Optional frequency conversion

Table size: customer specified

Track: P24-QU80


Product introduction

Electric transfer cart is a kind of transport equipment for loading cargo, which can run both straightly and curvilinear along the track. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and large carrying capacity. It is widely applied for machinery manufacturing, metallurgy and warehouse to frequently transport or cooperate with cranes to transfer goods.



Track transfer cart can be divided into four types according to the power drive method:

Cable power supply Transfer Cart
Cable power supply Transfer Cart Short distance frequent transportation, strong environmental adaptation.
Battery powered transfer cart
Battery powered transfer cart suitable for long distance transportation and the frequency of use which is not high.
Track power supply transfer cart
Track power supply transfer cart Unlimited distance, frequent work occasions.


  • Sound and light alarm lamp
  • Stop automatically when pedestrian or obstacle is detected.
  • Emergency stop button
  • Limit switches and buffers on both sides.
  • The structural parts are made of Q235B rolled steel plate, 1.5 times load design and 1.25 times load test.
  • With conventional electrical protection: over current, over voltage, under voltage, short circuit, overheating, grounding, leakage and other protective devices.
  • Optional wireless remote control operation


Size (mm)Width2000200022002200250025002800
Working speed (m/min)30303030252520
Bottom of Board Size (mm)50505060606060
wheel base A(mm)2000200022002500280032003600
Wheel back distance C(mm)1435143514351435143514351435
Power380V 3PH or battery

Parts Details

Electric transfer car with rotating platform
Electric transfer car with rotating platform
Batteries and electrical appliances
Batteries and electrical appliances
Motor & reducer
Emergency stop switch and limit switch
Emergency stop switch and limit switch
Polyurethane buffer
Polyurethane buffer
Remote control
Remote control

Electric Chain Hoist,Hoist

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