Mini Electric Hoists

Lifting capacity: 200-1000kg

Lifting speed: 10m/min

Lifting height: 12m



The mini electric hoist is also called the civil electric hoist. It is usually divided into fixed type and traveling type, which is suitable for various occasions. Cargo under 1000 kg can be raised, particularly suitable for high-rise buildings to lift heavier items from downstairs. Simple structure, convenient installation, small size characteristics, and can use single-phase electricity as power source. The lifting speed of mini electric hoist can reach to 10 m/min. The initial design of steel wire rope length is 12 m (Extended length can be customized). The mini electric hoist adopts single-phase civil power supply, especially suitable for daily civil use, industrial production line, freight logistics and other occasions.



The miniature electric hoist has beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, convenient installation, low noise, safe and reliable operation advantages. Therefore, mini electric hoist are widely used in factories, workshops, homes, warehouses, restaurants, shopping malls, decoration and transportation.

  • The micro electric hoist with dexterous design and convenient operation.
  • When the limiting baffle touch the limiter, the hoisting machine will stop working automatically.
  • If the rope is lifted in reverse, the hoist motor will stop working automatically.
  • Lifting hook design can be divided into dynamic loading and static loading.
  • 220V power supply for household operation.
  • Power cord is plug-in and easy to use.
  • Hoist hook can rotate 360 °.


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