Adjustable Portable Cranes

Lifting capacity: 0.25~5T

Span length: 3~9m

Total height: 2.5-4m

Travel: hand push walking, can turn, oblique movement. Wheel with brake

Span length can be enlarged and height is adjustable according to customer demand.


Product introduction

Adjustable gantry crane is a lifting equipment developed according to market demand on the basis of mobile gantry crane. Its performance is the same as the hand-pushed gantry crane, simple and practical. Universal rubber wheels can be turned by hand to reach anywhere in the work area. The main beam adopts hot-rolled I-beam, which can be used with hand-pulled hoist, chain hoist and wire rope hoist. The height adjustment is regulated by the winch or gear structure on the pillar. Height adjustment can be divided into 3 levels.



The main difference with hand-push gantry crane is that the total height can be adjusted according to the different working site. And it's easy for work at outside or these places have higher lifting height requirement. Also it can reduce the main girder height where there are obstacles. Applicable to all kinds of narrow, not suitable for large lifting equipment occasions. It's widely used than ordinary hand-push gantry crane, mainly used in assembly workshops, machining workshops, mold assembly, maintenance workshops, small yard stations, warehouses, garages, etc.



  • The height can be lowered in normal use, and the center of gravity can be lowered for easy operating. Raise the main beam in special situations to meet various lifting materials and usage scenarios.
  • Easy to install on any flat hardened floor.
  • The walking wheels are outsourcing polyurethane, which can push smoothly with steering, and can manually adjust the walking direction.
  • Walking wheels with brakes, step on the brakes when lifting the goods. Put on the brakes when parked to prevent slipping, lifting will be more secure.
  • The four wheels can be selected to be universal wheels, which can meet the rotation of the space in a narrow space and can also be inclined.
  • Very economical.
  • Lightweight installation reduces installation time and costs.
  • Safe operating environment.
  • Rapid returns on investment can be achieved by increasing production efficiency.
  • Small size, easy to disassemble and transport.


Model Rated load (kg) Height (m) Span (m) Main girder height (mm) Height regulation mode
PT2-0.5 500 2.5-4 3-9 140 Winch/gear
PT2-1 1000 2.5-4 3-9 160
PT2-2 2000 2.5-4 3-9 160
PT2-3 3000 2.5-4 3-9 200
PT2-5 5000 2.5-4 3-9 250

Parts Details

chain hoist:Hoist double speed low noise smooth operation_
chain hoist Hoist double speed, low noise, smooth operation
Height adjustment: Using capstan or gear the height adjustment is divided into stages
Height adjustment Using capstan or gear, the height adjustment is divided into 3 stages
Support leg :Made of square steel tube with light weight and high strength
Support leg Made of square steel tube with light weight and high strength
wheel:The wheels are wrapped in PUThe operation is light and the noise is low
wheel The wheels are wrapped in PU. The operation is light and the noise is low

Electric Chain Hoist,Hoist

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