Suspension Monorail Cranes


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Suspension monorail crane designed from our light crane system, which can give you the certainty of solutions to meet your specific requirements for linear, overhead handling. They have many options:

  • Using standard parts can combine a variety of monorail transportation lines of ring, bifurcation and network according to the material delivery, distribution and demand of users.
  • Maximum lifting weight 2000kg.
  • All running chain hoist shares a single power supply line. The freedom of a single hoist is large. And the length of the conveyor line is not limited.
  • Low noise and low energy consumption. Generally, the chain hoist can be operated manually or electrically.
  • You can also choose manually or semi-automatically operation.


  • Large freedom can meet the customers' requirements.
  • Low cost and light self-weight of equipment reduced the cost of plant and equipment input.
  • Simple and light structure, convenient operation with accurate positioning.
  • The installation is convenient, so the customer can easily fix it according to our installation instructions.


                Lifting capacity

Parts Details

chain hoist:Hoist double speed low noise smooth operationand it can be matched with demag chain hoist
Chain Hoist Double speed hoist with low noise and smooth operation. And it can be matched with demag chain hoist
KBK track:Cold rolled steel plate high strength and toughness light weight
KBK track Cold rolled steel plate with high strength, toughness and light weight
Track suspension:The height and width are adjustable and the surface is galvanized
Track suspension The height and width are adjustable and the surface is galvanized
Trolly:Running inside KBK beam the noise is small and running smooth
Trolly Running inside KBK beam, the noise is small and the running is smoothly

Electric Chain Hoist,Hoist

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