Ultrasonic Spot Welder

Classification: automatic and manual

Power supply: single phase

Efficiency: 30-40 pics/min

Power: 2 kw


Product introduction

Disposable mask, protective mask, protective clothing: ultrasonic welding system, greatly improve production efficiency; Environmental protection, no pollution; Intelligent control, good welding quality, low cost, durable, smooth and beautiful welding


Parameter table


Advantages of ultrasonic welding

  • Environmental protection: no traditional solvent, binder and thermal bonding process, no consumption of a large number of heat source, environmental protection, no pollution, non-toxic and safe production;
  • Intelligence: automatic frequency searching, automatic frequency following and program controllable operation; The ultrasonic amplitude is adjustable from 0% to 100% stepless, and can be matched with welding of different thermoplastic materials.
  • High efficiency: realize automatic welding of high quality, fast welding speed, high welding strength, high production efficiency and low welding cost;
  • Beauty: smooth and smooth welding joint.

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