N95 Protective Mask Machine

Output: 50 pieces / min

Production range: Civil protective masks and medical protective masks

Product specifications: Cup type four or five layers. Product classification:

fully automatic and semi-automatic.


Fully automatic
kn95 mask machine

The new design of three generations mask machine, the debugging of the whole production line, the work is more stable, can ensure the stable and reliable continuous production.

Multi-functional automatic mask machine is the multi-layer non-woven fabric through the hot press, folding molding, ultrasonic welding, waste removal, ear belt nose welding and other processes to produce a certain filter performance of various masks, mask equipment is not a single machine, it requires the cooperation of many machines to complete a variety of different processes. Popular mask equipment in the market include: cup mask machine, non-woven surface mask machine, N95 mask machine, 3m9001/9002 folding mask machine, duck mouth mask machine, three-dimensional dust mask machine, etc.


kn95 mask machine

The production equipment of KN95 mask machine is composed of 1 sheet opener, 2 semi-automatic ultrasonic lug welding machines, 3 sets of pressure bridge support fixture and 3 sets of blanking molding machines.

  • One KN95 tablet opener, one operator 45 pieces/min.
  • KN95 semi-automatic ultrasonic lug welding machine 2 sets, 2 sets, 2 operators 40-50 pieces/min.
  • KN95 bridge support fixture, 3 operators, 3 machines, 45 pieces/min.
  • KN95 blank forming machine 3 operators, 3 machines, 3 operators 45 pieces/min.

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